Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin with Ivan Grek

June 26, 2024

Black and white profile image of Vladimir Putin with text: What Does Putin Think? A long-term project aimed at developing a linguistic profile of Vladimir Putin. It seeks to visualize the evolution of his language over time and address the most pressing questions regarding his public rhetoric.

Elliott School Research Professor Ivan Grek offers insight into the Kremlin's political thought patterns in a recent interview, "Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin," with the KennanX podcast. The podcast is a Wilson Center production that aims to understand Russia, Ukraine, and the surrounding region. During the episode, Dr. Grek illustrates that the Kremlin's motivations and intentions are often misunderstood. To better comprehend Russia's approach to statecraft, Grek and colleagues at the Elliott School's Russia Program created a linguistic profile of Vladimir Putin. When applied to Putin's speeches, the profile offers additional avenues for discerning Russia's political outlook and planning. To learn more, listen to the complete episode and visit the Russia Program's website.