Information Security in the Space Age

November 3, 2023

Image of earth from outer space.

The Journal of Strategic Studies recently published Assistant Professor Aaron Bateman's latest article, "Information Security in the Space Age: Britain’s Skynet satellite communications program and the evolution of modern command and control networks."

As the article abstract outlines, Britain initiated its Skynet satellite communications program in 1966 to provide assured connectivity with its forces across the world. Using recently declassified documents, this article reframes the history of British space activities by elucidating how the requirements for flexible and secure defense communications shaped U.K. space policy during the Cold War. Although Skynet inaugurated a communications revolution, it was the product of the longstanding British priority of possessing global information networks under sovereign control. In the Space Age, however, Britain had to reconcile its desire for an autonomous satellite communications network with the reality that American assistance was vital. For more, read the full article.