Gregg A. Brazinsky

photo: Gregg Brazinsky
Professor of History and International Affairs

Areas of Expertise

U.S.-East Asian Relations, Korean history, East Asian history

Gregg A. Brazinsky works on U.S.-East Asian relations and East Asian international history. He is interested in the flow of commerce, ideas, and culture among Asian countries and across the Pacific. He is proficient in Mandarin Chinese and Korean. He is the author of two books: Winning the Third World (2017), which focuses on Sino-American Rivalry in the Third World and Nation Building in South Korea (2007), which explores U.S.-South Korean relations during the Cold War. Currently he is working on two other book projects. The first examines American nation building in Asia during the Cold War. The second explores Sino-North Korean relations between 1949 and 1992 and focuses specifically on the development of cultural and economic ties between the two countries. He has received numerous fellowships to support his research including the Kluge Fellowship from the Library of Congress, the Smith Richardson Foundation junior faculty fellowship, and a fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Center. Professor Brazinsky also currently serves as the director of the George Washington Cold War Group.


Ph.D., Cornell University

Classes Taught

HIST 2340 US Diplomatic History

HIST 3046 The Cold War in the Third World

HIST 6001 Special Topics: The History of U.S.-Asian Relations

HIST 6630 Topics in Korean History