Diversity and Inclusion Events

The Council on Diversity and Inclusion organizes events that examine current issues and concerns in the Elliott School community. In June, the Elliott School recognized Pride Month by co-hosting a happy hour and panel discussion. Previous events focused on GW's month-long recognition of the Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration and recordings can be found below.

Past Events


Pride month happy hour and panel with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy



Pride Month Happy Hour & Panel Discussion

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy and Out in National Security co-hosted a virtual happy hour to discuss pressing LGBTQIA+ issues in national security and international relations. In addition to more substantive conversation, this event gave participants a chance to enjoy a glass of wine, chat, and develop friendships and community.



GW Queer and Trans People of Color: Community & Conversation - event on June 25



GW Queer & Trans People of Color: Community & Conversation

This event was part of the GW in Solidarity series for the institution.



Town Hall Webinar, anti-asian racism and strategies for inclusion in the wake of covid-19, photos of student events at the Elliott School along the bottom of the title graphic



Town Hall Webinar: Anti-Asian Racism and Strategies for Inclusion in the Wake of COVID-19

Strategies for faculty, staff, and students to address mis/disinformation about COVID-19, recommendations to be inclusive of all perspectives related to the health situation, and how to support disproportionately targeted and vulnerable groups during a global pandemic. Moderated by Kylie Stamm, ESIA Diversity Program Manager. This is one of two ESIA Diversity & Inclusion webinars for GW’s month-long recognition of the Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration.

Watch the Webinar


Microaggressions: toxic rain in education settings and daily life, April 22, 2020, two book covers: "microaggressions and marginality" and "microaggressions in everyday life"



Keynote Webinar: Microaggressions: Toxic Rain in Educational Institutions

Dr. Derald Wing Sue, Professor of Counseling Psychology at Columbia University, describes the manifestation, dynamics and harmful impact of microaggressions on institutions of higher education, and what those with power and privilege must do to overcome their own biases, and create a learning environment that allows for equal access and opportunity for all. Although microaggressions may appear small, trivial, insignificant, and harmless, they have been found to have detrimental consequences to people of color, women and other marginalized groups in our society.

Watch the Keynote


Key Activities and Initiatives

  • Elliott School's Community Building Committee hosted a gender sensitivity workshop for staff and faculty, led by GEIA Gender Expert Instructor Andrea Bertone on December 5, 2018
  • The Elliott School became an institutional member of the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. 
  • Completed focus groups with students and faculty as a follow-up to the school climate survey.
  •  Hosted a gender sensitivity workshop for faculty and staff on December 5, 2018.
  • Hosted unconscious bias training for faculty and staff on May 29 and June 12, 2019.
  • Received approval to convert a single-gender restroom in the building to one that is gender-neutral.
  • Partnered with Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Program and the Trachtenberg School to host Public Service Weekend. This program provides underrepresented students an opportunity to learn more about domestic and international public service careers as well as strategies for applying to graduate school. This summer, July 26-28, we hosted 50 students.
  • Hosted and sponsored the Department of State’s Annual Historically Black College and Universities Foreign Policy Conference which included an Elliott School reception following the event.
  • Designed a class session to discuss and explore student identities in the course, IAFF 1001-First Year Experience.
  • Sponsored the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs' (APSIA) Diversity Programming. 
  • Worked with Public Affairs to develop and implement guidelines for planning inclusive events that will be integrated into Public Affairs’ Event Training and Training Guide, beginning Fall 2019
  • Included a question on course evaluations related to diversity and inclusion 
  • East Asia National Resource Center partnered with District of Columbia Public Schools, Fairfax County Public Schools, and Montgomery County Public Schools for their summer teacher workshops by providing informational and curriculum development sessions.


Contact the Diversity and Inclusion Team

Diversity Officer: Jonathan M. Walker

Diversity Program Manager: Kylie Stamm

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (202) 994-2258