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Dana A. Dolan

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Dr. Dana A. Dolan is a Professorial Lecturer in International Affairs at The George Washington University’s Elliott School where she teaches graduate courses in qualitative methods. Dr. Dolan is also a policy fellow and adjunct faculty member at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Governance, where she teaches graduate courses on the policy process. In her teaching, Dolan draws on both her academic research and her prior experience as a consultant to numerous government agencies (e.g., USPS OIG, IRS, NRC) and in senior positions at a not-for-profit association of major government consulting firms and government clients (e.g., Software Productivity Consortium, Telework Consortium, State IT Consortium).

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Public policy; policy process theory; multiple streams framework; multiple streams analysis; qualitative methods; process tracing; thematic analysis

Dr. Dolan's research interests center on long-term governance issues and the politics of policymaking, which she applies to complex global issues such as climate adaptation and human migration. Dr. Dolan is currently completing a book manuscript funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation that applies public policy theory to explain climate adaptation policy and politics during the Australian Millennium Drought. Her theoretically rich work has been published in top tier journals such as Policy Studies Journal and Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment.


Ph.D. in Public Policy - George Mason University
M.S. in Information Systems - George Mason University
B.S. in Mathematics and Business, cum laude - Wake Forest University

IAFF 6118 Applied Qualitative Methods

IAFF 2101 Int'l Affairs Research Methods

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