Centers, Institutes & Initiatives

Our research centers and institutes provide an institutional framework for scholars working in regional and topical fields of study, while our cutting-edge initiatives connect cross-curricular faculty and research to address critical global issues. Together, they contribute to the Elliott School’s mission of producing scholarship that advances understanding of important global issues, in order to engage the public and the policy community both domestic and abroad in fostering international dialogue and shaping policy solutions.

Scholar Highlights

If you are interested in becoming a Visiting Scholar or a Non-Resident Scholar at the Elliott School, please contact one of the centers or institutes listed above via their general inbox. Our scholars come from all around the world and bring both academic and practitioners' skills to their host programs. 

In order to keep our scholars safe during Covid-19, all of our scholars are currently remote. Phased return to campus in Fall 2021 will be possible with provide proof of vaccination.