Centers, Institutes & Initiatives

Our 11 research centers and institutes provide an institutional framework for scholars working in regional and topical fields of study, while our cutting-edge initiatives connect cross-curricular faculty and research to address critical global issues. Together, they contribute to the Elliott School’s mission of producing scholarship that advances understanding of important global issues and engaging the public and the policy community in the United States and around the world, thereby fostering international dialogue and shaping policy solutions.

Visiting Scholar & Non-Resident Scholar Programs

The Elliott School is home to eminent visiting and non-resident scholars conducting research relevant to our research centers, institutes, and initiatives. If you are interested in becoming a visiting or non-resident scholar, we encourage you to visit our individual centers', institutes', and initiatives' websites for information about opportunities and applying.

The Elliott School is proud to welcome new non-resident scholars:

Emma Soubrier

Jessica Turner

Dr. Turner joins the Gender Equality Initiative in International Affairs (GEIA) as a senior non-resident scholar. While working with GEIA, she will collaborate with CARE International to research women's empowerment programs in India. Dr. Turner also maintains an affiliation with George Mason University, where she received her doctorate in education in 2017.

Jeong-bok Yoo

Aiden Warren

Currently the 2018 Fulbright scholar in Australia-United States alliance studies, Dr. Warren hails from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia where he is a senior lecturer and researcher. As a non-resident scholar with the Institute for International Science & Technology Policy (IISTP), he will study tensions between US nuclear force modernization and the global non-proliferation regime.