Centers, Institutes & Initiatives

Our research centers and institutes provide an institutional framework for scholars working in regional and topical fields of study, while our cutting-edge initiatives connect cross-curricular faculty and research to address critical global issues. Together, they contribute to the Elliott School’s mission of producing scholarship that advances understanding of important global issues, in order to engage the public and the policy community both domestic and abroad in fostering international dialogue and shaping policy solutions.

Monthly Scholar Highlight

Mooyoul Seo is the 2020 Republic of Korea Army Fellow at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies. Major Seo will research “Alliance Solidarity among US allies in Northeast Asia,” which further develops his research on alliance dynamics with particular attention to the ROK-US and US-Japan relationships. He will also study China and North Korea as domestic factors with external impacts to better understand the future of the region’s military alliances. Major Seo holds a MA in Political Science from the University of Georgia, Athens, and is a doctoral candidate at Hanyang University in South Korea.