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Atta Nasib


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Atta Nasib is a former Director of the Afghanistan Investment Facilitation Unit (AIFU) at the Executive Office of the President of the previous government of Afghanistan. Mr. Nasib will join the George Washington University community as the Elliot School of International Affair’s new Global Capstone Professor of International Affairs in September 2022. He also led the digitalization program for Afghanistan and created a roadmap for digitalization and electronic governance in a country marred by decades of war and violence. As an Afghan-American, Mr. Nasib is passionate to share his experiences, political dynamics, the digital revolution amidst the big power competition, and their overall impact on international security. 

Mr. Nasib’s broad range of expertise across global affairs, human and economic development, governance, and security and technology will enrich the Elliot School. He will be teaching a Global Capstone course on International Security and Technology Policy, which will provide a critical perspective on the significant technological advances that are being made across a range of fields, including Information and Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and their use in ensuring international security. The use of technologically advanced weapons is expected to be highly disruptive and bring about major transformative shifts in how the international order functions. 

Previously, Mr. Nasib served as a Senior Program Assistant at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). This was preceded by working at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Afghanistan. 

Mr. Nasib holds a bachelor’s in Economics from San Francisco State University, in California. He also holds a master’s in International Commerce and Policy (ICP) from George Mason University, in Virginia. 

International Relations of South Asia and the Middle East, U.S.-Afghanistan and Pakistan Relations.

International Security and Technology Policy