Adam Wunische

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Adam Wunische

Professorial Lecturer

Part-time Faculty


Adam is a senior analyst and researcher working on military, intelligence, and security issues. Previously, he was a military analyst and analytic methodologist with CIA covering security issues in Afghanistan and South Asia leading up to, and following, the collapse in August 2021. He is also a lecturer at George Washington University, teaching classes on military affairs, terrorism and political violence, and analytic research methods. Previously, Adam has held a number of positions throughout the policy and analysis fields, including research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Adam was a sergeant serving in US Army intelligence from 2005 to 2010, completing two deployments to Afghanistan in support of the 3rd Special Forces Group.

Military Effectiveness, Terrorism, U.S. Foreign Policy, and Pedagogy

BA, Political Science, Portland State University, 2014
PhD, Political Science, Boston College, 2021

  • Military Power and Effectiveness
  • Political Violence and Terrorism