Jack Davey

Managing Editor, The Journal of Korean Studies


Email: Jack Davey

Jack Davey, Ph.D. is an archaeologist and Early Koreanist specializing in the Iron Age of peripheral East Asia and the early states of Proto-Three Kingdoms Period Korea. He has been a part-time faculty member at George Washington University since 2019 where teaches courses on the history and archaeology of Early Korea as well as the geopolitical ramifications of historical disputes in East Asia. At GWU, he is also the Managing Editor of The Journal of Korean Studies where he seeks to foster interesting, interdisciplinary scholarship that challenges how we understand Korea as an analytic category.

Dr. Davey received his Ph.D. in Archaeology from UCLA. He was a Korea Foundation postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley from 2014-2015 and a research fellow at the Academy of Korean Studies in 2018.