Elliott School Bachelor of Arts Programs

Liberal Arts Degrees With a Global Focus

The Elliott School offers bachelor of arts degrees in international affairs, Asian studies, Latin American and hemispheric studies, and Middle East studies. All students complete a core curriculum of courses in the liberal arts — humanities, social sciences, math, science, and foreign languages — during the first two years. During the third and fourth years, students take coursework focusing on international issues within their chosen field.

Emphasizing a core curriculum of advanced fundamentals and regional foundations, our International Affairs major allows students to study global issues from the disciplines of political science, history, economics, anthropology, and geography, before focusing their studies through a functional or regional concentration. Our regional majors — Asian studies, Latin American and hemispheric studies, and Middle East studies — emphasize the history, politics, cultures, economics, and current events that shape each of these regions. All majors require language proficiency at or above the third year of college instruction, and many of our students pursue this study through a semester or a year abroad.

Bridging the Generational Gap on Nuclear Nonproliferation

photo: Sahil Shah, Secretary Shultz, and Secretary Perry
Former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, and Sahil Shah at the William J. Perry Project in June 2013.

As negotiators worked toward a groundbreaking nuclear deal with Iran this past November, halfway across the globe Elliott School sophomore Sahil Shah took part in a historic meeting of global nuclear policy leaders in Singapore.

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