Core Field

All students must take a required core field in Science, Technology and International Affairs consisting of five courses (15 credits). These courses must include:

  • IAFF 6141: International Science and Technology Policy Cornerstone
  • IAFF 6159: ISTP Capstone Project - Concluding the program, the capstone uses a cross-disciplinary approach to focus on an ongoing science and technology issue. The course includes a capstone policy exercise where students integrate previous course work in addressing a current policy issue.
  • IAFF 6516: Independent Study and Research - Each student will conduct a research project in science, technology, and international affairs for 3-credit hours. The project will be directed by one of the Center's core faculty and students are expected to produce a paper of publishable quality. Students should register with Academic Advising and Student Services when beginning this project. Under special circumstances, it is possible to include a six-credit thesis in a program of study. Students wishing to pursue a thesis option must have the approval of the program advisor and the Dean.

Scheduled Courses

text graphic: Upcoming I S T P Courses

Space and Cyberspace: Enduring Missions in a Changing World

General William L. Shelton, Commander, Air Force Space Command, discusses what the Air Force Space Command does for the nation, how it does it, and how the command works with others to achieve its missions in space and cyberspace.