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If you are looking for a vibrant academic community — one with a global perspective and a commitment to the public good — then look no further than Washington, DC, and GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs.

Asian Studies Research Institute

Sigur Center for Asian Studies

Asian Studies M.A. Program

photo: Daqing Yang
Daqing Yang, Director, Asian Studies Program
Regional Study, Global Impact

Asia is the most dynamic and rapidly changing region in the world. This continent is as diverse as its populations, which drive the region's changing needs and roles in the global arena. Asia comprises almost 30 percent of the earth's land mass, and with 3.3 billion people, it is home to 60 percent of the world's population.

Asia's growing significance in the 21st century is certain. Its unprecedented rate of growth is transforming what was for centuries a predominantly agricultural region. On the path to sustained economic development, urban migration and international trade are exploding. Problems still endure, however, as Asia is a flashpoint of conflicts and economic benefits are not evenly distributed. The Elliott School’s Asian Studies program prepares students to navigate this dynamic environment and address complex diplomatic, economic, security, and cultural issues.