In September 2011, GW launched DegreeMAP, an online advising tool for use by students and their advisors to track progress toward degree completion. DegreeMAP is meant to both provide information about degree requirements and to give students a tool to monitor and track progress toward their degree.

What DegreeMAP Is:

  • An advising tool to be used in collaboration with your academic advisor.
  • An unofficial degree audit meant to help you track your degree progress and assist with course selection during registration periods.

What DegreeMAP Is Not:

  • An official University degree audit.
  • A transcript.
  • Verification of degree completion.

The Benefits of Using DegreeMAP:

  • Make better use of your time with your advisor.
  • Reduce confusion about degree requirements.
  • Keep better track of your progress toward degree.
  • Make better course registration choices.
  • See advising notes and exceptions.
  • Use the term GPA calculators to project your cumulative GPA.
  • Use the "What If…" functionality with your advisor to explore the requirements for various degree programs to help select the best program for your interests.

How Do I Access DegreeMAP?

You can access DegreeMAP through GWeb.

  1. Log in to GWeb and click on the "Student Records and Registration" link.
  2. Select the "Student Records Information Menu."
  3. Click on the "DegreeMAP" link.
  4. Click "Launch DegreeMAP" to view your degree requirements and review how your individual academic history has been applied to those requirements.

What If I Have Questions About My DegreeMAP Audit?

Making sure your audit is accurate is a high priority for you, and it is for us as well. If your DegreeMAP audit differs slightly from your own records, or if you have questions about your DegreeMAP audit, please contact your academic advisor for clarification or assistance.

How Do I Use DegreeMAP?

GW has created the following resources for students who want to learn more about using DegreeMAP:

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