Tanushree Luke

Professorial Lecturer

Part-time Faculty


Dr. Luke currently serves as the Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). She has over 15 years of experience in driving technology innovation across a number of sectors, including banking and finance, cybersecurity, national security, biotech, and academia.

Prior to joining the SEC, Dr. Luke spent several years as a senior executive in the banking industry. As the Senior Vice President and Head of AI at US Bank, in addition to leading AI-driven technology development, she created strategy that established a framework for governance and oversight of AI technologies and policies to guide the fair, ethical, and responsible use of AI. At Capital One, Dr. Luke spearheaded the creation of a patented first-in-banking application of AI/ML to predict customer intent and needs in real-time, and also led the development of an AI/ML application platform with proactive compliance, bias, and ethical checks built-in. In previous roles, Dr. Luke provided technical oversight of data science and ML-driven cybersecurity capabilities at DARPA and in the commercial sector.

Dr. Luke received her Ph.D. in theoretical physics from George Mason University. She is a recognized thought leader in AI/ML and emerging digital technologies, having presented at over 40 keynotes, lecture series, and presentations. Dr. Luke was also invited to testify as an expert on applications of AI/ML technology in the banking industry to both the Congressional Technology Accountability Caucus and the House Finance Committee.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Data Science, Emerging Digital Technology, Non-Linear Dynamics, Condensed Matter Theory, Cybersecurity, Banking and Finance Laws/Rules/Regulations, Compliance and Risk, International Securities Laws/Policies

Selected Recent Media Engagements:

  • Panelist (special invite), The Year Ahead: Next Generation Banking, Bloomberg Media, 2020
  • Interview, Challenges in AI/ML Technology Implementation, Wall Street Journal, 2020
  • Podcast and Interview, Ethics in AI/ML, American Banker, 2020

Selected Publications and Patents:

  • U.S. Patent #10798030, “Pre-Chat Intent Prediction for Dialogue Generation,” issued October 6, 2020.
  • Guss, P. et. al. “Small unmanned aircraft system for remote contour mapping of a nuclear radiation field,” Proceedings Volume 10393, Radiation Detectors in Medicine, Industry, and National Security XVIII; 2017.
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  • Luke, T. “Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Noise Adjusted Single Value Decomposition (NASVD) Application on Aerial Data,” presentation at IEMC International AMS Technical Exchange, 2015.
  • Luke, T., Barreto, E., and So, P. ""Macroscopic complexity from an autonomous network of networks of theta neurons,"" Frontiers of Computational Neuroscience, 8:145, 2014.
  • Luke, T. Collective Dynamics for Heterogeneous Networks of Theta Neurons, Doctoral Dissertation, George Mason University, 2013.
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