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Take advantage of the many reasons to experience summer at GW: Earn credit faster, get on path to graduation, or satisfy prerequisites. Flexible schedules and smaller classes allow you to pair coursework with employment, internships or other activities.

Earn credit faster with flexible schedules and smaller classes. Learn more about taking Elliott School Summer Courses

Earn Credit Faster

Earn 3 credits in as little as 3 weeks!

Get on the Path to Graduation

Satisfy prerequisites and focus on challenging courses in order to make progress toward graduation.

Flexible Schedules and Smaller Classes

Courses are offered throughout the day, in the evening and online, allowing you to pair coursework with employment, internships or other activities.

United States Foreign Policy Summer Program 2019

At the Elliott School’s U.S. Foreign Policy Summer Program, participants from the United States and around the world study the complex factors that shape U.S. Foreign Policy.

Taking full advantage of its location at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs in downtown, Washington D.C, the program features briefings at key institutions that influence U.S. foreign policy, as well as lectures and seminars by leading scholars and experts from government offices, think tanks, international organizations, nonprofit organizations, the media and foreign embassies.

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"The courses gives a phenomenal overview of the US. Foreign Policy process. The guest lectures were informed and interesting, and the site visits gave context to what we learned in class. It was like drinking from a fire hose, but in a good way!"


GW, 2018

Short-term Abroad Summer 2019 Courses

Dates: May 20 - June 2019
Destination: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Instructor: Tobias Greiff

In this course, students will be immersed in the culture and life of Sarajevo. Meetings with political actors, the civil society, international organizations, religious communities, and intellectuals, as well as day trips to nearby cities will allow students to gain unique insights into both the challenges and opportunities facing Bosnia-Herzegovina, a country still considered as a fragile democracy threatened by the legacies of ethnic, religious and political violence while striving to define its identity and create a place for itself within the modern global system.

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Dates: May 20, June 8th 2019
Destinations: Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn
Instructor: Chris Kojm

This course is a seminar designed to explore transatlantic perspectives on security issues in Northern Europe in the aftermath of Russia’s seizure of Crimea and support of separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Governments and societies in Sweden and Finland are reassessing whether non-aligned status serves their national interests. The Baltic States, NATO members, worry about Russian pressure on their sovereignty, and how to improve their security.Decisions by states bordering the Baltic will be of keen interest to US policymakers and have a direct impact on US Security interests.

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Dates: May 20, June 8th 2019
Destination: Israel
Instructor: Rhea Siers

This is a graduate level course focusing on the growth and impact of cyber power in national security strategy. Using Israel as a case study, the class will examine how the cyber domain has impacted national security priorities, strategy, and planning. The course will also examine the role of cyber in conflict, including Israel’s “cold cyber conflict” with Iran. We will analyze how cyber technology has fueled the growth of Israel’s global security and economic relationships. The case study approach will allow us to examine cyber strategy through a review of Israeli cyber deterrence and resilience. The class will be augmented by attendance at the annual “Cyberweek” conference hosted at Tel Aviv University, where students will be able to select from an impressive array of workshops and speakers.

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