Short-term Abroad & Summer Programs

Summer Courses

Take advantage of the many reasons to experience summer at GW:

  • Earn credit faster
  • Get on path to graduation
  • Satisfy prerequisites

Flexible schedules and smaller classes allow you to pair coursework with employment, internships or other activities. Earn credit faster with flexible schedules and smaller classes. Learn more about taking summer courses

Flexible Schedules and Smaller Classes

Courses are offered throughout the day, evening and online, which allows you to pair coursework with employment, internships or other activities. Summer 2020 coming up soon!

Earn Credit Faster

Earn three credits in as little as three weeks!

Get on the Path to Graduation

Satisfy prerequisites and focus on challenging courses in order to make progress toward graduation.

Short-term Abroad Courses

To excel in your future career, you must possess not only a deep understanding of global and regional issues but also the ability to communicate, negotiate and lead in a cross-cultural environment. These important skills are learned through the combination of academic, professional and cultural experiences both at home and abroad.

The Elliott School encourages you to gain those experiences by adding a truly international component to your studies. Short-term abroad programs will enhance your understanding of varied perspectives on international, global and regional issues with firsthand observation and study, while allowing you to earn academic credit faster through an intensive and enriching academic and cultural experience.

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