photo: Richard Robin

Richard Robin

Associate Professor of Russian and International Affairs
Room 509
Address: Phillips Hall
801 22nd Street, N.W.
Phone: 202-994-7081
Fax: 202-994-0171

Areas of Expertise

Russian language, linguistics, and methodology; Russian media

Professor Robin received his Ph.D. in Slavic linguistics from the University of Michigan and has been at GW since 1981. His main interests include Russian phonetics and methodology of Russian language teaching. He teaches intensive Russian language courses. In addition to numerous articles on Russian-language pedagogy and the use of technology in the classroom, he has co-authored a number of textbooks: Golosa: A Beginning Course in Russian, a proficiency-based program, Russian for Russians, and Political Russian. He also coordinates distance-learning projects using authentic foreign-language materials on the Internet. He is the winner of numerous awards in pedagogy, including AATSEEL's 2006 Slavic Teachers of The Year.


Ph.D., University of Michigan