Office of the Vice President for Research Honors Two Elliott School Faculty

March 31, 2016
Elliott School professors won two of the inaugural prizes from the GW Office of the Vice President for Research! Harris Mylonas, Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, has won the Early Career Scholar Award, and Amitai Etzioni, University Professor and Professor of International Affairs, has won the Distinguished Scholar Award
Harris Mylonas' research examines nation- and state-building in a variety of countries using multiple research methods. He employs quantitative and qualitative methods (in-depth interviews and intensive archival research) to answer important questions about the processes of nation-building, immigrant and refugee incorporation policies and the politicization of cultural differences in the Balkans, Ethiopia, South Korea, Israel and China. Professor Mylonas' first book, The Politics of Nation-Building: Making Co-Nationals, Refugees, and Minorities, was published in 2012 in the top university press in his field (Cambridge University Press). The book won numerous awards and is widely recognized as a groundbreaking conceptual work that also makes important empirical and methodological contributions. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in top journals such as Comparative Political StudiesSecurity Studies, and Perspectives on Politics. Prof. Mylonas' research is also highly salient for policy makers, and he is a frequent producer of op-eds and policy memos on issues such as the political fallout of the Greek sovereign debt crisis, ethnic cleansing, the Arab spring, migration policy, and European politics.
Amitai Etzioni's work focuses on the nexus between individual rights and the needs of the community. After receiving his PhD in Sociology at the University of California-Berkeley in 1958, Amitai Etzioni served for two decades as Professor of Sociology at Columbia University. In 1980 he was named the first University Professor at George Washington University, a position he continues to hold today. Professor Etzioni is the founding Director of GW's Institute for Communitarian Policy. The Institute is the nation’s leading center for communitarian policy research and is dedicated to finding constructive solutions to social problems through socially informed policy analysis. Professor Etzioni is the prolific author of hundreds of scholarly journal articles and more than thirty scholarly books. His most recent books include Privacy in a Cyber Age: Policy and Practice (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) and The New Normal: Finding a Balance between Individual Rights and the Commons Good (Transaction Publishers, 2014). 


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