Nuclear Weapon Issues in the 21st Century

November 2–3, 2013

sponsored by: American Physical Society Forum on Physics/Society and the Elliott School of International Affairs, GW

I. Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control

Monitoring the START Treaties icon: powerpoint (Edward Ifft, Georgetown University)

Monitoring Nuclear Weapons P D F file icon (Dick Garwin, IBM Fellow)

Modernizing the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal P D F file icon (Hans Kristensen, Federation of American Scientists)

Future Nuclear Weapons Policies icon: powerpoint (James Acton, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

II. Comprehensive Nuclear–Test–Ban Treaty

Seismic Monitoring: 2012 NAS Report and Recent Measurements (Paul Richards, Columbia)

Radioxenon Monitoring and the CTBT (Ted Bowyer, PNNL)

Stockpile Stewardship and the NAS Report P D F file icon (Marvin Adams, Texas A&M)

CTBT On-site Inspections icon: powerpoint (Jay Zucca, LLNL)

III. Ballistic Missile Defense

NAS Study on Ballistic Missile Defense P D F file icon (Dean Wilkening, LLNL)

Science, Technology and Politics of BMD icon: powerpoint (Philip Coyle, CACNP)

IV. Nuclear Proliferation

Evolution of the Non-Proliferation Regime icon: powerpoint (Arian Pregenzer, Sandia)

Iran's Nuclear Program and Negotiations icon: powerpoint (David Albright, ISIS)

Monitoring Centrifuges and Blend-Down P D F file icon (Larry Satkowiak, ORNL)

Laser and Centrifuge Enrichment P D F file icon (Olli Heinonen, Harvard, former IAEA Safeguards Director)

Monitoring the FMCT P D F file icon (Frank Von Hippel, Princeton)

Nuclear Forensics icon: powerpoint (Jay Davis, Hertz Foundation)

V. Mass Casualty Terrorism

Science and Technology for Homeland Security icon: powerpoint (Daniel Gerstein, Deputy Under Secretary Homeland Security)

Terrorism and Nuclear Detection icon: powerpoint (Warren Stern, BNL)

Scanning of Vehicles for Nuclear Materials P D F file icon (Jonathan Katz, Washington U.)

Conference Review and the Future icon: powerpoint (Pierce Corden, AAAS)