International Business

Field advisor: S. Rehman


IBUS 4900 — Global Energy

BADM 1004 — The Age of Globalization

IAFF 6358 Special Topics in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies:

IBUS 6201 International Marketing

IBUS 6202 Regional International Marketing Systems

IBUS 6290 Special Topics in International Business

IBUS 6297 AMBA Chile Residency (Summer – see department)

IBUS 6301 International Business Finance

IBUS 6302 Seminar: International Banking

IBUS 6303 External Development Financing

IBUS 6305 Global Investment Banking

IBUS 6306 Seminar: International Financial Markets

IBUS 6307 International Portfolio Management

IBUS 6401 International Business Strategy

IBUS 6402 Managing Developing Countries

IBUS 6403 International Business Negotiations

IBUS 6404 The New Global Competitive Framework

IBUS 6405 Legal Aspects of International and Multinational Business

Brazil's Global Moment

Ambassador Mauro Vieira details the latest in the Brazil-U.S. relations and rising prominence of Brazil on the world stage.

LAHS Program Brochure

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