Kristina Karakoyun Wilfore

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Areas of Expertise

Democracy building, disinformation, social media, gender equality, women’s participation, civil society, election law, advocacy, international development

Kristina is an international political consultant who helps increase people's participation in parties, politics and parliament through the use of grassroots tools for advocacy, innovative campaign approaches and leadership development. She works with political leaders and NGOs throughout Europe, the United States, Africa and the Middle East in four main areas, (1) helping improve the quality of campaigns and elections, to bring new voices into politics and support strong and diverse leadership, (2) increasing women's political participation by creating an enabling environment for equality, (3) responding to the threat of disinformation and building transatlantic networks to weaken its impact, (4) providing on-the-ground assessments of countries in conflict for international development investors and donors. Kristina has worked with change agents in over 25 countries, in hotspots such as Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Kenya and Afghanistan, implementing large-scale democracy programs working against authoritarian governments and strengthening civil society organizations.

With roots in US advocacy, she served as the first Executive Director of the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center which was awarded “The Most Valuable Think Tank” by The Nation magazine in 2009 where she worked on hundreds of referendum campaigns while strengthening the tool of direct democracy. She is currently working on a large-scale effort in the United States to respond to disinformation and its impact in the 2020 election. Kristina strongly believes in the power of sharing campaign and election strategies across borders, and in that spirit, serves on the board of the Transatlantic Progressive Campaign Committee. She is also a Political Partner with the Truman Project for National Security and participates in the Transatlantic Democracy Working Group, a bipartisan and transatlantic platform for discourse and coordination to address democratic backsliding in Europe. Kristina is Producer and Host of Fatima’s Hand, a podcast featuring women leaders sharing insights and strategies in their fight for equality and social justice. She is a founding board member of Global Gain, a new organization supporting women’s leadership across the globe and representative for the United States Institute of Peace Civil Society Working Group.

Current Research

Disinformation, impact on marginalized communities; women’s political participation


M.P.A. University of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance; B.A. Washington State University

Classes Taught

Global Capstone, Elliott School of International Affairs