Jodi Vittori

Adjunct Professor
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

National Security, corruption, conflict studies, terrorism, illicit finance

Jodi Vittori is an expert on the linkages of corruption, state fragility, illicit finance, and US national security. Dr. Vittori is an adjunct professor at Georgetown University and the National Defense University, where she lectures on political economy, economic development, corruption, transnational crime, terrorist finance, and irregular warfare. She has previously been a Senior Policy Adviser for the non-governmental organization Global Witness, where she managed educational and advocacy activities to raise awareness of linkages between corruption and national security. Prior to joining Global Witness, Dr. Vittori served in the U.S. Air Force, obtaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; her overseas service included Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and she was assigned to NATO’s only counter-corruption task force. She is the author of the book Terrorist Financing and Resourcing and a co-author of the handbook Corruption Threats and International Missions: Practical Guidance for Leaders.



PhD, University of Denver


“Cashing In: Can Bankers Fight Terrorism?” Foreign Affairs, November/December 2017. Available at

“How Anonymous Shell Companies Finance Insurgents, Criminals, and Dictators,” Council on Foreign Relations Corruption Brief, 8 September 2017. Available at

Corruption Threats and International Missions: Practical Guidance for Leaders (co-authored with Mark Pyman, Alan Waldron, and Nick Seymour), London, UK, Transparency International, October 2014. Terrorism Financing and Resourcing, New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2011.

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