J Furman Daniel bio picture

J. Furman Daniel

Visiting Assistant Professor of International Affairs
Address: Elliott School of International Affairs
1957 E Street, N.W.
Phone: 202-994-7172
Fax: 202-994-7761

Areas of Expertise

International Security, Grand Strategy, Weapons Development, Arms Races, Statesmanship, Political Theory, Military History.


Dr. Daniel is a Visiting Assistant Professor of International Affairs in the Security Policy Studies Program.His research focuses on the nexus of international relations, political theory, and military history. His current projects include: technological innovation and arms races; the impact of highly improbable events in international relations; the theoretical legacy of Carl Von Clausewitz; the bureaucratic politics of the early-American Navy; the use of interactive simulations for policy formation and pedagogy; and the impact of Tom Clancy's popular fiction on American foreign policy elites.

Prior to joining the Elliott School full-time, Dr. Daniel founded a hedge fund which specialized in distressed assets and options trading and was an Adjunct Professor at George Washington and Georgetown Universities.


  • J. Furman Daniel, III, 21st Century Patton: Strategic Insight for the Modern Era (Forthcoming, U.S. Naval Institute Press, 2016).
  • J. Furman Daniel, III and Brian Smith, "Burke and Clausewitz on the Limitation of War" Journal of International Political Theory (2015).
  • J. Furman Daniel, III, "Through a Glass Darkly: Strategic Perspective(s) for an Uncertain World" ORBIS (2015)
  • J. Furman Daniel, III, "Patton as a Counterinsurgent?: Lessons from an Unlikely COIN-danista" Small Wars Journal (2014)
  • J. Furman Daniel, III and Brian Smith, "Statesmanship and the Problem of Theoretical Generalization" Polity (April 2010) 42, pp. 156–184.

Classes Taught

HIST 6032 Reading/Research Seminar: Strategy and Policy

IAFF 3080 World War I: Causes, Conduct, Consequences, and Contemporary Implications

IAFF 6186 Military Power and Effectiveness

IAFF 6189 Security Policy Studies Capstone

IAFF 6516 Independent Study and Research

PSC 6349 International Security Politics