The 28-credit Master of International Studies (MIS) requires a minimum of 19 credit hours in residence at the Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University. The remaining 9 credits are transferred from the partner institution to satisfy core or major field requirements or as electives. The MIS program includes:

Core Field (9 credits)

The core field provides a fundamental understanding of key political, economic and historic issues in international affairs.

Major Field (12 credits)

MIS students select a major field that best complements previous Master's coursework to create a viable combination of expertise. The major field consists of four courses related to any one of the global issues or regional areas.

Electives (3 credits)

Electives may include a second field of expertise, or other relevant coursework. Students choose electives from over 500 courses offered across The George Washington University. Courses may be selected from a wide range of disciplines including anthropology; business, economics, education, history, public administration, political sciences and many other fields.

With Program Director approval, graduate students can apply a maximum of 6 credits of language courses toward the electives.  In consultation with the student, the Program Director will determine which level language course and how many credits of language are appropriate for the student’s Plan of Study.

Electives may include up to 3 credits of skills courses.

Capstone Course (4 credits)

Students will enroll in a capstone course sequence that most closely matches the functional area of their project. The capstone courses will be led by a faculty member with broad knowledge and experience in the functional area, and each course is likely to have four to five student groups. The course will meet regularly, and students will receive active guidance from the instructor as well as peer critiques and suggestions from fellow students.

Language Proficiency Requirement

MIS students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in English and another modern foreign language. The Language Proficiency Requirements for the MIS follow the same guidelines as for the M.A. in International Affairs program.