Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction

book cover: Innovation Policy
January 08, 2015

Nicholas Vonortas, Professor of Economics and International Affairs

Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction (Nicholas S. Vonortas, Phoebe C. Rouge, Anwar Aridi, Eds., Springer, 2015), provides a concise introduction to important aspects of contemporary innovation policy, with particular emphasis on its impact on economic growth and development. It addresses a non-specialist audience interested in quickly building background knowledge, getting familiar with the terminology, and understanding core concerns and debates in this area of policy. The book has its origins in a more extensive report to the World Bank prepared to impart background information to middle- and upper-level policy decision-makers and analysts as well as stakeholders from industry and universities from developing countries prior to engaging in intensive “how-to” policy training. Our audience also includes upper-level undergraduate and graduate students embarking on the study of innovation policy.

About the Author

Nicholas S. Vonortas

Professor Vonortas received his BA in economics from Athens University (Greece), his MA in Economic Development from Leicester University (UK), and his M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Economics from New York University (US). He joined the Elliott School in 1990. He has a joint appointment with the Center for International Science and Technology Policy and the Department of Economics (Columbian School of Arts and Sciences). He specializes in the economics of technological change, science and technology policy, international transfer of technology, and inter-firm cooperation in research and development.