Humera Khan

Executive Director
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

P/CVE, Security Strategy, Countering Terrorist Narratives

Humera Khan is a recognized expert in countering violent extremism and developing metanarratives to undermine terrorist ideologies. Ms Khan’s 18 years of experience in security strategy and knowledge of theology is utilized in a policy advisory and strategic planning capacity by multi-national organizations, governments and law enforcement agencies in several countries.

Ms. Khan is the the Executive Director of Muflehun, a resource center specializing in preventing hate, radicalization and countering violent extremism (P/CVE). She also currently serves as Senior Consultant to the United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), developing implementation guidelines for Member States for the “Comprehensive International Framework for Countering Terrorist Narratives” (S/2017/375), as mandated by SCR 2354 (2017).

She designs and implements CVE-specific and CVE-relevant programs for prevention and intervention of violent extremism around the globe. Focusing on countering online radicalization to extremism, her services are sought for P/CVE related capacity building of governments, organizations, youth, communities and religious leaders. Ms Khan serves as the chair of the GCERF Independent Review Panel and in 2012 received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award for her work in preventing violent extremism. She has also testified before Congress and spoken at SXSW on the topic.

Ms Khan specializes in scenario planning, strategy formulation and threat assessment using agent-based modelling, morphological analysis and system dynamics. Previously, as principal at a DC area think-tank, she designed and integrated methodologies for threat anticipation and risk assessment for the Singapore government “Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning” initiative. She was also a team member designing energy security strategy for US government clients.


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Countering Terrorist Narratives

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