photo: Ichiro Leopold Hanami

Ichiro Leopold Hanami

Assistant Professor of Japanese Language and Literature
Room 469
Address: Rome Hall
801 22nd Street, N.W.
Phone: 202-994-0050
Fax: 202-994-1512
[email protected]

Areas of Expertise

Japanese Language, Classical Japanese (Bungo), and Japanese Court poetry and poetics

Professor Hanami received his Ph.D. in Japanese in 1997 from Stanford University, where he concentrated on medieval Japanese poetry. He teaches advanced Japanese, both modern and classical, as well as Japanese culture through film. His research interests include Late Heian poetics, renga linked poetry, and Japanese film and popular culture. He has a forthcoming article entitled, "Re-Reading Renga: A Consideration of Intention and Its Consequences". He is currently compiling a reference handbook on bungo, literary Japanese, and is also actively developing methods of Japanese instruction and testing through the Internet.


Ph.D., Stanford University

Classes Taught

JAPN 3111-12 Japanese Literature in Translation

JAPN 4107-8 Readings in Modern Japanese

JAPN 4109 Introduction to Bungo: Literary Japanese

JAPN 4110 Readings in Classical Japanese