Graham Auman Pitts

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Graham Auman Pitts

Visiting Professor of International Affairs

Full-time Faculty


Graham Auman Pitts is a visiting professor in the Elliott School and the associate director of George Washington's Foreign Area Officer Regional Skill Sustainment Initiative. He received a Ph.D. in history from Georgetown University in September 2016 under the supervision of global historian John R. McNeill. For two years, he was a postdoctoral teaching scholar in NC State’s Program in International Studies. Subsequently, he held the American Druze Foundation fellowship at Georgetown's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. 

His research focuses on the environmental history of war, food, and famine in the modern Middle East and the globe.

Book Manuscripts

Fallow Fields: Famine and the Making of Lebanon (in progress)

Making Levantine Cuisine: Foodways of the Eastern Mediterranean. Anny Gaul, Graham Auman Pitts, and Vicki Valosik, eds. Austin, TX: The University of Texas Press, 2021.


Articles and Book Chapters

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"A Hungry Population Stops Thinking About Resistance: Class, Famine, and Lebanon’s World War I Legacy.” Journal of Ottoman and Turkish Studies (Winter 2021).

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"Make them Hated in All the Arab Countries’: France, Famine and the Making of Lebanon." In Environmental Histories of World War I edited by Richard P. Tucker, Tait Keller, J.R. McNeill, and Martin Schmid, 175-190. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2018.

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Digital History

Pitts, Graham Auman. “Was Capitalism the Crisis? Mount Lebanon’s World War I Famine.” Environment & Society Portal, Arcadia (Spring 2021), no. 3. Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society.

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Ph.D., History, Georgetown University 
M.A., Global, International, and Comparative History, Georgetown University
B.A., History, Earlham College