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Maastricht University is one of the fastest growing universities in The Netherlands and a longtime partner of the Elliott School. UM has received international acclaim for its innovative Problem-Based Learning method, where students work together in small groups on real life problems. At UM, Elliott School students may study international business, finance, and economics in the School of Business and Economics.

Curriculum: Courses at the Maastricht School of Business and Economics (SBE) focus on international business, economics, and finance. Elliott School students in the Investment and Trade Policy program, the International Affairs concentrations in International Economics, and International Business may be particularly interested. Students must be acquainted with basic economic and business principles and theories and have a working knowledge of basic mathematical tools and statistical techniques. This is of particular importance for the technically focused courses (e.g. economics and finance) and of crucial importance for the econometric courses (4000 codes), which require a thorough knowledge of mathematics, calculus, and statistics. Specific course prerequisites and email addresses for the course tutor or block coordinator are provided in the SBE's Database of Courses.

Transfer of Credit: All exchange students from the Elliott School are required to be enrolled at UM as full-time students. Students must earn the equivalent of a B grade or higher in a given course to be eligible for transfer credit. Students may earn up to 10 transfer credits from the partner for the Elliott School M.A. program.
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Grade 6 or higher at UM
= Grade B or higher at GW

6 ECTS credits at UM
= 3 GW credits

Academic Calendar:
Fall semester: early September- mid December
Spring semester: late January- end of May.
"Modules" (i.e. courses) are held during the day.

Language of Instruction: Courses are conducted in English. Students are not required to speak Dutch, but can take intensive Dutch language and culture classes while at Maastricht University.

Internships: The Elliott School encourages its students to have professional development experiences abroad. The Graduate Student Career Development office offers International Internship Grants each semester to support students in low-paid or unpaid internships abroad. More information on this grant is available from GSCD or its Elliott School Career Connection database. ESCC also includes Outreach Reports that outline specific internship opportunities in targeted regions; these reports are located in the Document Library.

Some students find that it is challenging to balance the academic demands of the exchange program with the responsibilities of an internship. Students should carefully consider how to best manage these interests. Exchange partners do not generally have internship resources for visiting students.
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Housing: International exchange students may live in Maastricht's "Guest House" while enrolled.

The Guest House U.M. is a housing center that maintains rooms and apartments throughout the city. The options vary in type, price, and location. Students can apply for singles, doubles, or studio apartments. Please note that it is difficult to find short-term housing on one's own, so the Guest House is strongly advised.

Tuition and fees: Elliott School graduate tuition and fees are payable directly to GW, and are based upon 10 credit hours.

Location: Historically located on cultural crossroads of Europe, foreign influences and traditional cultural exchange have given Maastricht a distinct international atmosphere. Maastricht is situated very close to Germany and Belgium and is only a few hours train ride to Paris. The city of Maastricht has been described as Old Europe charm in a modern European city. UM is located in downtown Maastricht, which is quite compact; most everything is within walking distance. Maastricht University has no central university campus, but every location can be reached by foot, bus, or bicycle.

Travel Information: Students are responsible for obtaining appropriate student visas for study at Maastricht. Please note that U.S. citizens do NOT require a visa, only a valid passport. If you have a different nationality please contact the Faculty who arranged for your visa. The US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs compiles information on travel abroad, public announcements, and warnings. Please review the information about The Netherlands and for any worldwide travel announcements.

All GW students who travel abroad for academic purposes are required to comply with the GW International Travel Approval Policy. Guidance on this policy will be provided to all exchange students by the Elliott School International Programs & Education office.

To Apply: Applications for exchange programs are submitted on-line. The on-line application and any hard copy supplementary materials are due by March 15 for fall enrollment abroad and October 15 for spring enrollment abroad. Once the application has been reviewed and endorsed by the Elliott School, the application will be forwarded to the exchange partner for a final decision.

Both applications and all supplementary materials are due to the Elliott School by March 15 for fall enrollment abroad and October 15 for spring enrollment abroad. Once the application has been reviewed and endorsed by the Elliott School review committee, the Elliott School will forward the application materials to the partner for final decision.

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