U.S. Foreign Policy

Effective immediately, this certificate program
will no longer be accepting new applicants.

The graduate certificate program in the U.S. Foreign Policy requires a minimum of eighteen credit hours consisting of six courses. Of these six courses, at least four must be at the graduate (6000 or above) level. Those six courses must be taken in at least two different disciplines. Students may take other courses not on the list of suggested courses with the approval of the Office of Academic Advising and Student Services.

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To complete the certificate program students must take two core courses: U.S. Foreign Policy Making (PSC 6346, formerly 246) and History of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1775-1975 (HIST 6330, formerly 282) plus four other supporting courses.

Required Core Courses:
PSC 6347 U.S. Foreign Policy
HIST 6330 History of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1775-1975

Supporting Courses:
HIST 6042 Seminar: World War II
HIST 6032 Readings Seminar: Strategy and Policy
HIST 6001 Special Topics: American Diplomacy Since 1945: Issues and Decisions
LAW 6386 Foreign Relations and National Security Law*
PSC 6338 U.S. Foreign Economic Policy
PSC 6348 Politics of US National Security Policy
PSC 6347 U.S. Foreign Policy
PSC 6457 Arms Control and Disarmament
PSC 6379 The Powers in the Middle East
PSC 6484 International Relations of Latin America
*Prospective students must obtain permission from the Dean of Students at the Law School.

Please note there are several other selected topics courses that could possibly be relevant to the certificate. Please contact your advisor for further options.

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