Regulations & Policies

GPA Requirement

To obtain the certificate, students must maintain an average grade of B or better, and meet all requirements for the individual certificate programs. Students must complete the certificate within three calendar years. Certificate students must abide by all regulations of the Elliott School and The George Washington University. (See The George Washington University Bulletin). There is no foreign language requirement for the certificate program.

Certificate Program Plan

Each student in the certificate program must fill out a Graduate Certificate Program Plan of Study P D F file icon and submit it to the Student Services Office by the end of the first semester. In the Certificate Program Plan, students must identify the specific courses that they will take to meet the requirements for that certificate.

Transfer into an M.A. Program

Students enrolled in a graduate certificate program may apply to transfer into an MA degree program if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Admission requirements of the MA degree program,
  • Submission of a transfer application into the MA degree program before the student completes more than 9 credit hours in the graduate certificate program, and
  • Good academic standing in the graduate certificate program (a minimum GPA of 3.0). 

The student may count up to 9 credit hours completed while enrolled in the graduate certificate program toward the MA degree program; but under this option, the student would be enrolled only in the MA degree program and would not receive a graduate certificate.

If the graduate certificate program student would like to complete both an MA degree program and the graduate certificate program, only 6 credit hours can be double counted across the two programs.

Transferring Credits

No transfer credits from other academic institutions will be accepted in the certificate program.

Clearance Forms

By the end of the second week of the student's final semester in the certificate program, the student is responsible for applying for clearance in the certificate program. Clearance forms are available from the Office of Academic Advising and Student Services. In order to receive the certificate, the form must be completed. Students may participate in the Elliott School's Celebration of Student Achievement.

Undergraduate Courses

Students may take other courses not on the list of suggested courses with the approval of the Office of Student Services. Up to six (6) semester hours of undergraduate (100-200) level courses may be taken for graduate credit with the permission of the instructor. This permission must be granted at the beginning of the semester in which the course in taken.