Middle East Studies

Effective immediately, this certificate program
will no longer be accepting new applicants.

The graduate certificate in Middle East Studies is an 18 credit-hour program consisting of six courses at the graduate level (6000 and above). To successfully complete the program, students must complete three required core courses. Students will also select three additional courses, in consultation with the program director, that focus primarily on the Middle East (though up to six credits may be taken in functional subjects connected with the student's professional development). These courses may be in any department of the University.

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Required Courses

Students must select three of the following courses:

Political Science
PSC 6377 Comparative Politics of the Middle East
PSC 6478 International Relations of the Middle East

HIST 6001 Special Topics: History of the Modern Middle East

Anthropology of the Middle East (specific courses offered will vary by semester)

GEOG 6262 Geography of the Middle East

International Affairs
IAFF 6363 Political Economy of the Middle East
IAFF 6364 Religion and Society in the Modern Middle East

Suggested Elective Courses
HIST 6001 Special Topics Seminar

  • Readings in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • War and Memory in the Middle East

ECON 6295 Middle East Economics
IAFF 6362 Regional Security in the Middle East
IAFF 6378 Special Topics in Middle East Studies

  • Lebanon and Syria
  • U.S. Policy in the Gulf
  • Iraq and Iran
  • Refugees and Forced Migration in the Middle East
  • Political Islam
  • Politics of Oil States in the Middle East

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