Graduate Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

Am I still entitled to services and events offered by GSCD?
As long as you graduated from one of the M.A. programs, you have access to our services for as long as you like. Alumni are welcome to use resources and services we offer at no cost. Just log on to the Elliott School's GWork and get started. To make an appointment with one of the career coaches, please send us an email.

How do I get a username and password for the Elliott School's GWork?
If you have not already claimed your Alumni NetID and password, please go to Once you have retrieved them, please call GSCD at (202) 994-3788 or send us an email.

How do I update my contact information?
It's easy. Log into the Elliott School's GWork and click on the profile button at the top and then edit.

How can I stay informed of Elliott School Alumni events?
Log into the Elliott School's GWork to find out about up-to-date events, and to also pay attention to the weekly events newsletter.

How long will I have access to the Elliott School's GWork?
You will have lifelong access to the Elliott School's GWork.

How do I participate in professional networking and mentoring activities?
Please send us an email or call (202) 994-3788 if you are interested in participating on a career panel. If you are interested in one-on-one mentoring, please make sure you go to your profile in GWork, click edit, and that you have indicated on your profile that you are comfortable being contacted the maximum number of times.

What kinds of resources are available to me on GWork? 
Besides being able to search for jobs, by clicking on the résumés and resources button, and then the document library tab, you will have access to career track guides as well as other helpful informational tip sheets such as salary negotiation and networking tips. Career track guides provide information and resources for different fields within international affairs.

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