photo: Muriel Atkin

Muriel A. Atkin

Professor of History
Faculty: Full-Time
Room 336
Address: Phillips Hall
801 22nd St., NW
Phone: 202-994-6426
Fax: 202-994-6231

Areas of Expertise

Russia, Tajikistan, Iran, and Central Asian history

Muriel Atkin is working on a study of the roles of Islam and nationalism in the political conflict in Tajikistan, a Central Asian republic. Her other research interests include Russian policy towards Muslims at home and abroad, and Russian/Soviet relations with Iran. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Russian history and Central Asia.


Ph.D., Yale University


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"A President and His Rivals," in Power and Change in Central Asia , S.N. Cummings, ed. (2001)

"The Ambiguous Position of Women in Tajikistan," in Women in Central Asia , (2001).

"The Rhetoric of Islamophobia." Central Asia and the Caucasus 1 (2000): 123-132.

Classes Taught

Hist 3180 Russia to 1801
Hist 3181 Russia since 1801
Hist 3840 History of Central Asia
Hist 3850 Modern Iran
Hist 6180 History of Modern Russia and the Soviet Union
Hist 6181 Russian and Soviet Empires
Hist 6824 Reading and Research Seminar: Modern Iran