Alexander Cromwell

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Alexander Cromwell

Professorial Lecturer; Associate Director, Dean's Scholars and Experiential Learning

Part-time Faculty


Office Phone: 202-994-1308

Alexander Cromwell is a Professorial Lecturer and the Associate Director, Dean’s Scholars and Experiential Learning at the Elliott School. In this role, he teaches the three required research methods courses in the Dean’s Scholars sequence. Other courses he teaches include conflict resolution at the graduate and undergraduate level, the internship-for-credit professional development seminar, and certain required courses for the Global Bachelor's Program. He has also previously taught short-term abroad courses traveling to Southeast Asia.

Cromwell’s research focuses on education in conflict contexts, and he has conducted research on the impact of encounter-based peace education programs with Pakistani, Afghan, Indonesian, and US youth. He has over 10 years of experience with youth programming, and has worked with groups from the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. He regularly serves as a peacebuilding facilitator for Project Common Bond, a camp that works with youth who lost a family member through war, terrorism, or violence. He previously taught courses at American University and George Mason University, where he received his PhD.

Peace Education, Intergroup Encounter Programs, Youth and Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, International Education, Project Design & Evaluation

Ph.D. Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

IAFF 2040 Global Inquiries

IAFF 2040 Global Insights

IAFF 2101 Research Methods in International Affairs (Dean's Scholars section)

IAFF 3172 Conflict and Conflict Resolution

IAFF 3192 Dean's Scholars Workshop

IAFF 3193 Dean's Scholars Seminar

IAFF 3195 Internship Professional Development Seminar

IAFF 4191W Peacebuilding and Development (Research Seminar)

IAFF 6118 Capacity Building for Organizations Serving Migrant Youth in Thailand

IAFF 6171 Introduction to Conflict Resolution

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