M.A. & MBA

Joint Master of Arts and Master of Business Administration

The Elliott School of International Affairs and the George Washington School of Business offer a joint degree program leading to a Master of Business Administration in combination with any of the Elliott School Master of Arts degrees:

Students must be admitted to both schools separately, and each school must approve the student's application to pursue the joint degree program.

Students must complete all the requirements for each degree. The Elliott School counts 12 credits of International Business courses taken as part of the MBA toward the completion of the M.A. degree. The School of Business counts up to 12 credits of course work completed in the M.A. program to count toward completion of the MBA.

The programs in International Trade and Investment Policy and International Development allow specific additional courses to count for both degrees. Please confer with an advisor for the requirements of these programs.

All requirements for both degrees must be completed before either degree can be conferred. Students can normally complete the two degrees in four years of full-time study.